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Flooding in Bloomsburg | News

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Flooding in Bloomsburg

In Columbia County Bloomsburg is experiencing major flooding.

It's a sight so strong, so rare, neighbors in Bloomsburg described Route 11 as a flood scene they only imagined in a Hollywood movie, but it is very real.

"We're just amazed. This is just horrible," said Robert Matthews of Bloomsburg.

All of this came after the north branch of the Susquehanna River raged over its banks cresting around 32.4 feet, the second highest measurement on record.

In some of the homes residents report entire first floors, living rooms, kitchens covered in water.

It is no different for businesses.

"Inside here everything is pretty well shot.  The computers and everything," said Harold Edwards at the NAPA Auto Parts stores.

Others in Columbia County considered a flooded basement the best case scenario.

Robert Matthews and his wife put everything as high as possible in their Market Street apartment before their basement took on more than six feet of water.

"We have two furnaces, two hot water heaters. We basically got most of the stuff up," Matthews said.

It wasn't just homes and businesses that took on water damage but also the Bloomsburg Fire Department.  It got several inches of water in an area where they normally park the fire trucks and store air packs. Crews said they were able to remove most of the valuables before the water washed in.

Before the damage could be seen in the daylight came the rescues. Countless rescues of the National Guard bringing people to safety from flooded homes.

Charles Anthony and his wife were just one of several people who needed help, realizing too late they could not compete with mother nature.

"We just didn't want to leave our home. We bought the home a year ago and we remolded the whole thing, bought new appliances, and when we left the refrigerator was floating," Anthony said.

Despite so much devastation, Bloomsburg police said at this point no injuries have been reported.


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