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Helicopter Rescues in Bloomsburg | News

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Helicopter Rescues in Bloomsburg

Helicopters have had to rescue some people in Bloomsburg from the rising floodwater.

More than a dozen families living in a flooded section of West Main Street in downtown Bloomsburg ended up stranded after Fishing Creek spilled over its banks.

"It is a little frustrating cause now we have to bring in the National Guard to help pluck out people. It's frustrating when you try to warn people and give them a heads up that danger is coming and get out," said Dennis Kuhar.

A National Guard Blackhawk helicopter had to be dispatched and emergency officials said five people were rescued by air.

Rescue crews from central Pennsylvania and outside Pittsburgh also helped trying to reach stranded residents by boat.

Rescuers said some people ended up turning them away.

As for onlookers, the rescue effort was frustrating to watch.

"It's a shame when people are stubborn about that because they endanger people besides themselves," said Martha Freeman of State College.

The flooding didn't only leave many people stranded, it also created a problem on roads.

Interstate 80 near Bloomsburg from the Buckhorn to Bloomsburg exits closed after Fishing Creek spilled over part of the highway.

In Bloomsburg the Susquehanna River started swallowing the Bloomsburg Town Park. People gathered along the river's edge to take in how fierce and unforgiving the Susquehanna could be.

Some people decided to leave their homes that were too close to the river and ended up at the Bloomsburg Memorial Elementary School.

"We're supplying three meals a day, a clean dry place for them, a bit of mental health, so they're comfortable and understand what's happening," said Miranda Church.

Elsa Speller left her house after she lost power and had no running water.
"It's a little scary," she said.

"I say anybody in Columbia County that doesn't need to leave, stay home. We have a lot of emergency personal out there trying to take care of situations and we don't need them responding to someone driving into a puddle and finding themselves stuck," said John Thomas.


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