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Rugby Club Taking Responsibility for Damages | News

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Rugby Club Taking Responsibility for Damages

Members of the Bloomsburg University's Rugby Club are taking responsibility for their actions. This comes as police investigate thousands of dollars worth of vandalism at a fire hall over the weekend.

The Bloomsburg Fire Department Hall is back to normal. A professional cleaning crew was called in over the weekend. Firefighters said Bloomsburg University's rugby club rented out the hall for a social event Friday night and things got out of control. They are now considering pressing charges.

"I think we are beyond the state of an apology. Living in this town you kind of know how the college kids are. It's going to be company matter not one person is going to make the decision," said David McHenry, Bloomsburg Fire Department.

Firefighters said when they walked into the building the day after the party they found broken tables and chairs, alcohol and other fluids on the floor and other damage. Even a wheelchair was missing from the facility but it was just returned. Most of the damage has been cleaned up but there are a few things that need to be fixed like holes that were punched in the walls.

The department estimates a total of $10,000 in damage. Lestyn Kamuca said the rugby club members are sorry and are willing to pay for the mess and do community service.

"We know we have disrespect, and we had no tensions of attacking or damaging these properties it was a social event that got out of hand and we would really like to display our apologies," said Kamuca, president of the Bloomsburg Men's Rugby Club.

University officials said they are doing their own investigation and the club is in possible jeopardy of being disbanded.

"When I meet with them they were extremely embarrassed. They have accepted full responsibility. They are working with this office in terms of identifying specific individuals who may have done the damage," said Donald Young of Bloomsburg University.

The police department was called to the fire hall in Bloomsburg. Police said they are investigating. There is no word if charges will be filed.


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